AI Epic Co-Ablation System

AI Epic Co-Ablation System is a compound treatment mode and technology for deep hypothermia freezing and high intensity heating. This technology is independently developed by scientists of Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (CAS) after decades of unremitting efforts. It is the world's first minimally invasive treatment technology for complex tumors that integrates the function of high and low temperature ablation.

By percutaneous puncture of a compound hot and cold ablation probe about 2mm in diameter into the tumor target site, the ablation needle energy exchange area is given physical stimulation of deep freezing (-196℃) and heating (above 80℃), resulting in tumor cell swelling, rupture, tumor histopathology showing irreversible hyperemia, edema, degeneration and coagulation necrosis. At the same time, deep freezing can rapidly form ice crystals inside and outside the cells, venules and arterioles, resulting in the destruction of small blood vessels and the combined effect of local hypoxia, thus killing the diseased tissues and cells.

AI Epic Co-Ablation System is suitable for more than 80% of cancers. Compared with traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is less invasive and has almost no side effects. "There is no need for general anesthesia during the operation, there is no pain in the treatment, and the risk of the patient is greatly reduced. At present, patients recovery is ideal, the ablation tumor has been completely eliminated, and the quality of life has been significantly improved.

Avoid intraoperative metastasis.
Tumor was completely killed.
Immune regulation.
Non-toxic side effect.
Short recovery time.
Minimally invasive.
Large blood vessels protection.
Wide range of indications.

AI Epic Co-Ablation System

Head and neck tumor.
Lung neoplasm.
Liver tumor celiac tumor.
Pelvic tumor.
Prostate cancer.
Thyroid carcinoma.
Breast neoplasms.
Skin tumor.
Pancreatic neoplasms.
Renal and adrenal tumors.
Soft tissue sarcoma of bone tumor.

AI Epic Co-Ablation System1