Asia Pacific Medical Group(APMG)


APMG, holding by Bain Capital, is the first US investor enters Chinese medical market. APMG is founded by 35 American doctors in 1992, determined to bring high standard medical services to Chinese population. With more than 2 decades development, now APMG is one of the biggest medical groups in China. APMG is committed to found and operate high-specialty medical facilities, including neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, cardiology and so on. APMG hospitals like Beijing Puhua International Hospital and Shanghai Gama Knife Hospital owned  academic recognition but also maintains its leading position in the field of cutting edge technology. The excellent medical services from APMG hospitals attracted patients from more than 100 countries, among which are royal family remembers, high-profile politicians, hollywood stars and so on.

Hospitals in Chinese Mainland:

1. Beijing Tiantan Puhua International Hospital

2. Beijing South Region Oncology Hospital

3. Beijing Neocare Hospital

4. TianJin TEDA Puhua International Hospital

5. Zheng Zhou Tiantan Puhua International Hospital

6. Shang Hai Gamma Knife Hospital

7. Shanghai Xin Qi Dian Rehabilitation Hospital

8. Shanghai Xie Hua Brain Hospital

9. Zhen Jiang Rui Kang International Hospital

10. Ning Bo CHC International Hospital