Medical Team

  • Dr. Yan Shi

    Dr. Yan Shi,  Chief Physician Dr. Yan Shi has extensive experience in the standardized treatment of ground-glass opacities in the lungs, quality control in surgical treatment of lung cancer, studies on lymph node dissection in lung cancer, research on postoperative rapid recovery and quality of life in lung cancer patients, surgical treatment of esophageal cancer, surgical treatment of lung cancer, comprehensive treatment of esophageal cancer, comprehensive treatment of lung cancer, standard...Read more »

  • Dr. Wang Xing

      Dr. Wang Xing, Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Wang Xing specializes in early screening for breast cancer, preoperative/postoperative anti-tumor therapy, various surgical treatments for breast cancer, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and intraoperative radiation therapy. Read more »

  • Dr. Wang Tianfeng

      Dr. Wang Tianfeng, Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Wang Tianfeng follows the principles of standardized diagnosis and treatment and advocates for the application of rational comprehensive treatment measures to ensure patients’ maximum chance of survival and the best quality of life. He has assisted Professor Lin Benyao in establishing a key discipline (breast cancer) in the Beijing healthcare system and has conducted specialized clinical work and research in preoperative chemotherapy...Read more »

  • Dr. Wang Xinguang

    Dr. Wang Xinguang Deputy chief physician Specializes in breast cancer diagnosis, surgical treatment, systematic comprehensive treatment. Read more »

  • Dr. Wang Xicheng

    Wang Xicheng Deputy chief physician, graduated from the Department of Medicine, Peking University, and received his Ph.D. in Physiology from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2006. Medical Specialty Mainly engaged in comprehensive treatment of digestive system tumors, medical chemotherapy and targeted therapy, endoscopic diagnosi...Read more »

  • Dr. Li Shu

    Dr.Li Shu Deputy chief physician at department of Bone and Soft Tissue Oncology in Peking University Cancer Hospital. He has served as a attending physician and deputy chief physician in Peking University First Hospital and Peking University Cancer Hospital. Medical Specialty Surgical treatment, chemotherapy and targeted treatment of various...Read more »

  • Dr. Wang Jia

    Dr.Wang Jia He is good at minimally invasive surgical treatment of lung cancer, pulmonary nodules, esophageal cancer, mediastinal tumors and other chest tumors, and comprehensive tumor therapy with surgery as the core, combined with targeted and immunotherapy. Medical Specialty Doctor of Medicine, Chief physician, Associate Professor and Mast...Read more »

  • Dr. Wang Ziping

    Dr.Wang Ziping He is good at standardized and individualized multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment of lung cancer. Not only has a deep understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in the elderly, but he also focuses on clinical trials of new clinical drugs related to lung cancer, especially transformational clinical research. Medical Specialty ...Read more »

  • Dr. Qian Hong Gang

    Qian Hong Gang He is good at minimally invasive treatment of liver, complex pancreatic surgery, retroperitoneal tumor, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, advanced molecular therapy of tumor. Medical Specialty As the deputy director of the department, Dr.Qian Hongggang engaged in this major in 1999, graduated in 2005 and went to Austria to study...Read more »

  • Dr. Qin Zhizhong

    Dr. Qin Zhizhong Attending Doctor He is good at diagnosis, treatment and treatment of tumor surgical diseases. Medical Specialty He graduated from Beijing Medical University in July 1998 and stayed as a surgical resident in Peking University People’s Hospital. He was qualified as an excellent resident in 2001 and studied for a doctorate in su...Read more »

  • Dr. Fu Zhongbo

    Dr.Fu Zhongbo Deputy Chief Doctor Engaged in oncology surgery for more than 20 years, he is good at diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in oncology surgery.8 papers have been published in the core journals. Medical Specialty He is good at the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in tumor surgery. Read more »

  • Dr. Li Yajing

    Dr.Li Yajing Attending Doctor Control the symptoms of common tumors, reduce the side effects after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and palliative treatment in the advanced stage of tumors. Medical Specialty Engaged in clinical work in internal medicine for more than ten years, she has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis, differential dia...Read more »

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