Microwave Ablation

The principle of microwave ablation is that under the guidance of ultrasound, CT, MRI and electromagnetic navigation, a special puncture needle is used to insert the lesion, and the microwave emission source near the tip of the needle emits microwave, which produces a high temperature of about 80℃ for 3-5 minutes, and then kills the cells in the area.

It can make large tumor tissue become necrotic tissue after ablation, achieve the purpose of "burning" tumor cells, make the safety boundary of tumor clearer, and reduce the difficulty coefficient of operation. Patients' related body function and satisfaction will also be improved.
With the continuous development of technology, microwave ablation technology has achieved ideal results in the treatment of solid tumors such as liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer and so on. it has also made unprecedented achievements in the treatment of benign diseases such as thyroid nodules, small pulmonary nodules, breast nodules, uterine fibroids and varicose veins, and has been recognized by more and more medical experts.

The microwave ablation can be also used for:
1. Tumors cannot be removed by surgery.
2. Patients who cannot perform large surgery due to advanced age, heart problem or liver disease; solid primary tumors such as liver and lung tumors.
3. Palliative treatment when other treatments effect is not prominent, microwave ablation reduces tumor quantity and size to prolong patients’ life.