Successful case of cryoablation.

Case 1:

The 69-year-old male patient went to the hospital for examination due to chest pain. Unfortunately, he suffered from low-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of the right upper lung. The patient could not tolerate surgery. After expert consultation, cryoablation was the best solution and the tumor could be eliminated without operation. The postoperative condition was satisfactory without any complications. After 3 months of freezing, the tumor was partially necrotic, and after 9 months of freezing, the lesion was completely necrotic and excluded in vitro.


Case 2:

The patient, a 73-year-old female, was found by CT examination two years ago to have a 0.8cm nodule in the lower lobe of the left lung. She felt uneasy all day long, and the doctor suggested operation. However, the patient was too old, the surgical risk was high, and the lesion was close to the pleura, so she could not tolerate the high temperature of thermal ablation. The ice ball formed by the intraoperative freezing completely enveloped the tumor and the tumor cells were killed. The patient communicates easily with the doctor on the operating table, and the tumor has disappeared during postoperative follow-up.


Case 3:

The patient was a 62-year-old female with appendiceal mucous cancer with liver metastasis. CT reexamination showed that the liver and spleen subcapsular and abdominal cavity were scattered in the implant foci. Since the foci were close to the capsular, the cryotherapy cycle was repeated twice, and finally the tumor foci were completely covered by the ice ball.



Post time: Oct-11-2023