Bowel Cancer

  • Carcinomaofrectum


    Carcinomaofrectum is referred to as colorectal cancer, is a common malignant tumor in the gastrointestinal tract, the incidence is second only to stomach and esophageal cancer, is the most common part of colorectal cancer (about 60%).  The vast majority of patients are over 40 years old, and about 15% are under 30 years old. Male is more common, the ratio of male to female is 2-3:1 according to clinical observation, it is found that part of colorectal cancer occurs from rectal polyps or schistosomiasis; chronic inflammation of the intestine, some can induce canceration; high-fat and high-protein diet causes an increase in cholic acid secretion, the latter is decomposed into unsaturated polycyclic hydrocarbons by intestinal anaerobes, which can also cause cancer.