Bone And Soft Tissue Oncology Department

Bone and soft tissue Oncology Department is a professional department for the treatment of skeletal and muscular locomotion system tumors, including benign and malignant bone tumors of extremities, pelvis and spine, soft tissue benign and malignant tumors and various metastatic tumors requiring orthopedic intervention.

Bone and soft tissue Oncology Department

Medical Specialty

Limb salvage therapy based on comprehensive treatment is emphasized for bone and soft tissue malignant tumors. After extensive resection of local lesions, artificial prosthesis replacement, vascular reconstruction, allogeneic bone transplantation and other methods are adopted. Limb salvage treatment was performed for patients with malignant bone tumors of the limbs. Extensive resection was used for soft tissue sarcoma, especially for recurrent and refractory soft tissue sarcoma, and various free and pedicled skin flaps were used to repair postoperative soft tissue defects. Interventional vascular embolization and temporary vascular occlusion of abdominal aorta balloon were used to reduce intraoperative bleeding and remove the tumor safely for sacral and pelvic tumors. For metastatic tumors of bone, primary tumors of the spine and metastatic tumors, radiotherapy and chemotherapy were combined with surgery according to the conditions of the patients, and various internal fixation methods were used according to different sites.

Preoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy is used for malignant tumors confirmed by pathology in order to eliminate micrometastasis, evaluate the effect of chemotherapeutic drugs, reduce the clinical stage of local tumors, and facilitate extensive surgical resection. It is clinically applied to some malignant bone tumors and soft tissue sarcomas.

For some malignant tumors which can not be widely removed by limb salvage surgery or trunk surgery, adjuvant radiotherapy before or after operation can reduce tumor recurrence.

Physical Therapy
For the postoperative motor dysfunction, the method of postoperative professional guidance for functional rehabilitation was adopted to create good limb function for restoring normal social life as soon as possible.