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Carcinomaofrectum is referred to as colorectal cancer, is a common malignant tumor in the gastrointestinal tract, the incidence is second only to stomach and esophageal cancer, is the most common part of colorectal cancer (about 60%).  The vast majority of patients are over 40 years old, and about 15% are under 30 years old. Male is more common, the ratio of male to female is 2-3:1 according to clinical observation, it is found that part of colorectal cancer occurs from rectal polyps or schistosomiasis; chronic inflammation of the intestine, some can induce canceration; high-fat and high-protein diet causes an increase in cholic acid secretion, the latter is decomposed into unsaturated polycyclic hydrocarbons by intestinal anaerobes, which can also cause cancer.

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The reasons that cause colorectal cancer
Chronic inflammation of the intestines
Canceration of intestinal adenoma
Diet and carcinogens

3 ways to examine the colorectal cancer
1. Anal finger examination: the simplest is anal finger examination, which is usually used in the diagnosis of rectal cancer, that is, using aseptic gloves to determine whether there is rectal cancer from the anal insertion.
2. Imaging examination: imaging including CT and MRI, through CT and MRI examination, to determine whether there is irregular thickening or enhancement of the intestinal wall, to determine whether there is colorectal cancer.
3. Enteroscopy: enteroscopy is the most intuitive, with enteroscopy, by inserting the location of the focus with enteroscopy, and then biopsy pathology to determine the diagnosis.

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