【New Technology】Targeted knife cryoablation landed in Beijing South Region Hospital.

Cryoablation: “Good news” for patients with solid tumors in various parts of trunk

Famous Hong Kong film star Wu MengDa died of liver cancer, Uncle Da’s departure has caused many people to regret. “Liver cancer” was once known as the king of cancer, and 70% of liver cancer patients were found to be in the middle and late stages.

Chen Xiaoxu, who played the Chinese literary masterpiece A Dream of Red Mansions, has died of breast cancer. In her short 42-year life, she was remembered for the Red Mansions and gave Chinese audiences their first collective idol and star.

The World Health Organization confirms that with medical advances, about a third of cancers can now be prevented, a third can be cured, and the remaining third can be treated to reduce pain, and people no longer need to consider cancer as a “terminal disease.”

What are the benefits of cryoablation? What are the absolute advantages it has over conventional cancer treatment?

Principles of cryoablation

The main component of the human body is water, and all cells that constitute the human body are in a relatively stable liquid environment, and the decrease of temperature will lead to changes such as the formation and growth of ice crystals in this liquid environment, and the increase of osmotic pressure in the cell, which can cause cell damage and even death after reaching a certain extent.


Freezing will quickly cool tumor tissue to below -180℃, and then rewarm, which can directly cause dehydration and rupture of tumor cells; Or destroy tumor small blood vessels and lead to hypoxia, resulting in tumor cell death; The dead tumor tissue left in situ after cold ablation can be used as antigen to promote anti-tumor immune response. After freezing, cancer cells are more sensitive to chemotherapy or radiation, which can enhance the effect of chemotherapy or radiation.



Advantages of “cryoablation surgery”

①Minimally invasive treatment: less damage, less bleeding, easy operation, high success rate, less complications, less impact on organ function, quick recovery of patients, short hospital stay, reduced hospital costs.

②The effect is remarkable: targeted therapy, precise positioning, ultra-low temperature can completely destroy the diseased tissue.

③Real-time monitoring: Image real-time monitoring of the entire operation, ice hockey freeze-thaw, tissue temperature.

④High safety: the whole process of puncture is monitored under the image to avoid damage to vital organs; The ablation needle is only frozen at the tip without damaging the normal tissue of the puncture path.

⑤ Wide indications: It is suitable for systemic solid tumors, especially for the elderly and infirm, as well as advanced patients who cannot be treated or failed by other therapies.

⑥Painless treatment: Compared with thermal ablation, freezing has analgesic effect, the patient has no pain during the operation, and the operation is performed under local anesthesia. No restriction of anesthesia conditions; Long-term relief of cancer pain after freezing.

⑦Repeatability: It can be treated multiple times to consolidate and increase the efficacy.

⑧Combined application: can be carried out alone, can also be sequential combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery, etc., enhance the effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Post time: Oct-09-2023