Love, will never stop

You are the only one for me in this multifarious world.

I met my husband in 1996. At that time, through the introduction of a friend, a blind date was arranged at my relative’s house. I remember when pouring water for the introducer, and the cup accidentally fell to the ground. thewonderful thing is that the glass did not break and the water did not spill a drop. My elder sister-in-law said happily: “good sign! This must be a good marriage, and you two are sure to make it! ” After hearing this, we are all a little shy, but the seeds of love have been quietly planted in each other’s hearts.

“Some people say that love is a hundred years of loneliness, until you meet the person who will unswervingly protect you, and at that moment all the loneliness has a way back.” I am the eldest in my family. Apart from most of the money I earned from selling clothes, I wanted to save up the expenses of raising my two younger brothers to go to college.
When my husband Qi worked at in Songyuan Oilfield, he took a break every half a month. When we met again, Qi gave his salary passbook to me. At that moment, I was quite sure that I had not chosen the wrong person. Marry him made me feel happy.

Without much romance, our wedding took place on February 20, 1998.
On July 5 of the following year, our first boy Nai Xuan was born.
As we both have jobs, we have to bring our eight-month-old son back to the countryside to his grandmother. Sometimes after a busy day, I really miss my children when I get home at night, so I take a taxi and run back in the evening, bringing some milk powder snacks and hurrying back.

Because of the poor conditions at home, we have to calculate to buy coal, and sometimes we even have to chop wood to cook. In the most difficult time, the amount of food in a week is a piece of tofu. Every day there can be a handful of green vegetables and a piece of coal, which is our spring.
It was so cold in winter that my son and I woke up at four o’clock in the morning, and my husband got up and lit a stove for us.
One year, when the rented bungalow was urgently demolished, my son and I had to move out.
At that time, there was no cell phone, and Qi could not get in touch with him at work. When he returned to his residence, we were gone. We were anxious to inquire around before we got the news from the owner of a small store.
Qi secretly swore in his heart that he would give our mother and my mother a home of their own anyway! In the meantime, we rented barns, bungalows and planks, and finally we had our own small home, and the clothing store slowly grew from a counter to four shops.
Those miserable days have become the most unforgettable memories in life.
Life is always accompanied by joys and sorrows.
A few years ago, my physical examination found that I was suffering from uterine leiomyoma. I was distracted by excessive menstruation and falling pain in my waist and lower abdomen.
The local gynecologist told me that hysterectomy was needed in order to get a complete cure for leiomyoma.
When we learned that HIFU’s high-focus non-invasive ultrasound could preserve the uterus and there was no wound in the operation, we saw hope again.
Director Chen Qian’s operation was so successful that we rushed back to hometown the next day after a short rest.
Now my menstruation is obviously reduced, and my subjective symptoms are much less.
Thanks to Doctor Chen’s team, I was able to keep the uterus and continue to be a complete woman.
Thank you, doctor. Thank you, my love, for your care and company over the years!

Post time: Mar-14-2023