Ovarian Cancer

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The ovary is one of the important internal reproductive organs of women, and also the main sexual organ of women. Its function is to produce eggs and synthesize and secrete hormones. with a high incidence rate among women. It seriously threatens women’s lives and health.

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Surgery is the first choice for early-stage patients and is generally recommended for those whose tumor cannot be completely removed by other methods such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy is used as an adjuvant treatment after surgery to help control tumor growth and reduce the risk of recurrence or metastasis.

Radiotherapy is used to treat patients whose disease has progressed to an advanced stage and cannot be controlled by surgery or chemotherapy.

Biological therapy is a novel treatment method that can be used in conjunction with surgery and chemotherapy to reduce the toxicity and enhance the effectiveness of treatment. Currently, there are two main types of biological therapy: immunotherapy and targeted therapy.
In recent years, with the improvement of early screening technology and more innovative treatment methods, the survival period of ovarian cancer patients has gradually been extended. Meanwhile, people's awareness of ovarian cancer is gradually increasing, and prevention measures are also improving step by step.

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