Digestive Tract Cancer

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In the early stage of digestive tract tumor, there are no uncomfortable symptoms and no obvious pain, but red blood cells in stool can be found through routine stool examination and occult blood test, indicating intestinal bleeding. Gastroscopy can find prominent new organisms in the intestinal tract in the early stage.

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The reasons that cause digestive tract cancer
Generally divided into two factors, one is genetic factors, there is an oncogene or a mutation caused by the inactivation or activation of oncogenes, leading to the occurrence of cancer.
The other is the environmental factor, all environmental factors are the stimulation to the surrounding environment. For example, this patient may suffer from atrophic gastritis, pickled food for a long time may lead to the canceration.

1. Surgery: surgery is the first choice for digestive tract cancer, it is not very much possible to resect the large squamous cell carcinoma. A pre-operational radiotherapy can be considered, and a surgery can only be performed after the tumor is reduced.
2. Radiotherapy: combined radiotherapy and surgery can increase the resection rate and improve the survival rate, so it is more appropriate to do the operation after 3-4 weeks.
3. Chemotherapy: the combination of chemotherapy and surgery.

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