Renal Carcinoma

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Renal cell carcinoma is a malignant tumor originating from the urinary tubular epithelial system of the renal parenchyma. The academic term is renal cell carcinoma, also known as renal adenocarcinoma, referred to as renal cell carcinoma.

It includes various subtypes of renal cell carcinoma originating from different parts of the urinary tubule, but does not include tumors originating from the renal interstitium and renal pelvis tumors.

As early as 1883, Grawitz, a German pathologist, saw that the morphology of cancer cells was similar to that of adrenal cells under a microscope, and put forward the theory that renal cell carcinoma is the origin of adrenal tissue remaining in the kidney. Therefore, renal cell carcinoma was called Grawitz tumor or adrenal-like tumor in the books before the reform and opening up in China.

It was not until 1960 that Oberling proposed that renal cell carcinoma originated from the proximal convoluted tubule of the kidney based on electron microscopic observations, and this mistake was not corrected.

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